Talent Acquisition.

Delivering exceptional, inclusive hiring campaigns, globally.

We work with our clients to help them bring in amazing, diverse early talent. From San Francisco to Seoul, we’re building companies and careers, one hire at a time.


Delivering exceptional, diverse early talent, all over the world.

From our three global offices, we deliver both RPO and on-demand hiring campaigns all over the world.

Dedicated teams in London and New York deliver campaigns for clients globally, supported by our Mumbai-based global fulfilment function.

From New York, to Paris, to Singapore, we’re delivering excellence for our clients, and changing people’s lives, one career at a time.


Delivering the outcomes our clients need, when they need them.

ECC has developed two different offerings for our clients, to ensure we’re always delivering the right solution, at the right time.

Our end-to-end RPO service allows us to deliver early careers campaigns, at scale, and our On Demand service allows clients to bring in cohorts as small as two hires, when they need them.

Inclusion, quality and a world-class candidate experience all come as standard.


Our end-to-end, inclusive early careers offering.

Our RPO offering allows our larger – or fast-growing – clients to offer a world-class candidate experience, hire exceptional, diverse young people at scale, and access under-represented groups and talent pools.

We onboard dedicated teams who work on-site, supported by our London, New York and Mumbai teams, to deliver end-to-end early careers programmes – right the way from campus marketing to programme management.








Bespoke, ad-hoc hiring campaigns for businesses, globally.

For many of our smaller clients across the globe, our On Demand service is well-suited to their needs.

Dedicated project teams, led by a Project Manager who acts as our clients’ POC, onboard to deliver small numbers of hires into a range of roles, functions and geographies.

Our global teams are early talent specialists, following a unique process to ensure a level playing field and world-class candidate experience for those being brought in.

Whether it’s a 20-person campaign for a New York-based investment fund, or two hires into an Amsterdam-based start-up, diversity, inclusion and excellence are built in from the start.


How we ensure a world-class candidate experience and deliver for our clients.

Although they’re an important part of the people & talent ecosystem, recruitment agencies are – too often – over-commercialised, and focused on sales, commission, margins and deals.

While we need to make money to succeed, grow and drive our mission, we separate our commercial and delivery activities to ensure that our early talent specialists are focused on two things only: delivering great results for clients and helping diverse young people into incredible careers.

Removing commercial incentives from Talent Acquisition means our people collaborate with one another, and are focused on helping people into the right careers, and companies find the right staff – not taking the quickest route to a deal.

This is one of the reasons why our process produces an average 46% reduction in first year attrition.


Hiring for capability and potential over background.

Our purpose informs everything we do. At every step of a hiring campaign, equality of opportunity is front and centre – meaning that our Delivery teams act to level the playing field for those from a wide range of socioeconomic, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Hiring early talent is about potential. It’s about investing in the future of your organisation and bringing in people with the characteristics and capabilities to succeed long term.

Our approach is to educate before we assess – meaning that we teach candidates we’re working with about the industries they’re looking at, before we assess their fit – allowing us to focus on potential, not background.


The end results of our approach.


A lack of internal financial incentives and a process built on characteristics focuses our people on hiring the right people for the job.


Levelling the playing field for young people from a diverse range of backgrounds helps our clients hire great people regardless of their social background, culture, ethnicity or gender.


Hiring for potential, vision, values, capabilities and characteristics means our clients can bring in the future leaders of their organisation.