Social Mobility Reviews.

It’s possible for charity and commerce to coexist.

The Early Careers Group combines charity and commerce to create real world solutions to early talent and social mobility challenges. A company and a charity, working together to create incredible careers. For everyone.


The Early Careers Group has designed a unique approach to helping organisations become truly inclusive workplaces.

Reviewing up to five areas of your people, talent and DEI infrastructure through a unique social mobility lens, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive understanding of where you are now, what your social mobility roadmap should look like, where your organisation is succeeding, where you can improve and – crucially – how.

An SMR is the first step in the process of becoming a truly socially inclusive employer.


Diverse workforces are more innovative, productive and ready for the future. In driving the social mobility agenda, businesses can drive commercial interests, help reach key ESG goals and increase racial, religious and ethnic diversity – all while making a positive impact on social mobility.

In seven leading law firms, employees
educated at state schools are


more likely to feature in the top performer’s decile.

McKinsey reported that organisations in the bottom quartile for top team diversity are

more likely to underperform compared to their peers.


of young people within the UK would decline to join a business that is primarily made up of middle and upper-class employees.


is cited as one of the top three priorities by CEOs of major corporations across Europe and the US.

By ensuring your organisation is a place where people from different socioeconomic backgrounds can succeed, you will gain access to more talent, improve diversity, retain top performers, improve quality of decision making, drive employee motivation and satisfaction and improve your company’s global image.


Focusing our review on the things that matter.


Social Mobility Reviews are focused on some or all of five areas of people, talent & DEI infrastructure that particularly impact social inclusion.

Attraction & Employer brand.

Assessment Processes.

Progression Pathways & L&D.


Employment policies & data.



Gathering what we need for the review across the five areas via anonymised surveys, interviews and a data room.


Analysing the collected information and assessing your policies, frameworks, processes and comms.


Establishing a vision, roadmap and targets for social mobility and wider DEI, and building an internal and external comms strategy.


Reporting on where you’re performing, where you’re not – and why.


Delivering how you become a socially inclusive employer – both though quick wins and long-term strategies.


The Early Careers Group offers two variations of Social Mobility Review, depending on requirements – SMR and SMR+. The difference is the addition of workforce data collection and subsequent ‘hard’ targets in the plus version.


An SMR is for organisations that want to improve social inclusion and social mobility, but want to start with a qualitative review of some or all of their people, talent and DEI infrastructure.


An SMR+ is perfect for organisations that want to fully review their processes, benchmark their social diversity and set clear, hard demographic targets for the future.