Our Services

The Early Careers Company has two service lines that can operate together, or separately, depending on requirements:

Strategy Development and Talent Delivery


We work with organisations to help them reach key talent objectives through the use of innovative early careers strategies and infrastructure. Our intelligent solutions enable organisations to do four key things that can revolutionise talent in their business:

Increase Diversity

Improving gender, ethnic or socioeconomic diversity in businesses.

Create Future Leaders

Helping organisations hire and retain those who will progress long-term

Improve Volume & Quality

Working with businesses to design structures to get better people in, faster, to build high-performing teams at pace

Reduce Attrition

Helping put programmes and structures in place to offer a better and more compelling proposition for juniors.

We use a sophisticated methodology developed and refined by our Founder, Non-Executive Directors and team.

We assess the scale and complexity of the issues that our clients face, work with key stakeholders in the organisation to determine objectives and develop a solution that is unique to that business, but consistent in success measured against our four core pillars.


Add Immediate Commercial Value to the organisation, not just be just a long-term plan.

Create Long-term Value in the form of high-quality future leaders.

Create great careers and opportunities for those joining, and have a world-class participant experience.

Be simple to implement, and straightforward to manage long-term.

Early Careers programmes in businesses are so often over-complicated and unfit-for-purpose – with unnecessary, complex rotations, multi-year fixed term contracts and countless administrative nightmares. We’re here to change that, and make early careers work for everyone involved.


We deliver high quality, diverse early talent for our clients.

We are a talent business, not a recruitment company.

Recruitment companies are focused on revenue, not people, and incentivise their staff to generate fees by paying them commission. In line with our value of Content over Spin, we don’t feel that this is how it should work in Early Careers.

‘Selling’ jobs is an ineffective, unfair and morally dubious way to approach hiring juniors.

We have developed a methodology that differentiates us – allowing us to operate as guides, educators and advisors to both the people we are hiring, and the clients for whom we’re hiring them – not salespeople.

That’s why our staff don’t have revenue targets or earn commission. Find out more about our approach, below.

From the perspective of the businesses that we work with, we operate more like a part of their internal team than an external supplier – creating better results, faster, and requiring less time investment. It’s a hassle-free way of hiring.


Our Delivery Team

In most recruitment businesses, recruiters are commission-driven, financially-incentivised salespeople, paid based on how much revenue they generate, and constantly encouraged to win new clients and work. Not here.

That approach creates massive issues – mainly that their alignment is to placing people into jobs, at any cost, irrespective of whether it’s a good fit for their candidate or client. The “people first” element disappears – and if any industry needs that, it’s this one.

That isn’t how we work. It’s so far from how we work, in fact, that we don’t even call ourselves recruitment – we’re a talent business.

Our commercial activities sit with a separate team to delivery.

Our people are professionals, paid great salaries and bonuses based on delivery, client satisfaction, and company performance, not individual revenue generation.

Put simply, our employees are aligned with delivering results for our clients. Not with their own pockets.

The Behaviours Matrix

We’ve worked with one of the UK’s top Psychological Profiling and Behaviour experts to create a mechanism rooted in psychological research to help us deliver better results for clients.

Our Behaviours Matrix allows us to help our clients better understand the type of people they want to hire – what behaviours they want them to exhibit and, from that, what competencies and personality traits they want them to possess.

This system also allows us to advise on what assessment processes will best suit the target candidates, and take briefs that are perfectly aligned to expectations.

This means we’re more likely to find the right people, first time around, avoiding the trial-and-error process that most Talent businesses go through when working with new clients.

Narrative Creation

Everyone loves a story.

We work with our clients to create compelling narratives around their organisations’ history, growth, values, mission, strategy and value proposition.

These narratives, combined with detailed understanding of our clients’ internal structures and cultures, mean that we are able represent our clients seamlessly, and successfully engage the right candidates.

That seamless representation means that candidates coming into our clients’ organisations have a high-quality experience and feel like they’ve moved through one, well-organised process with a consistent tone of voice and approach, rather than the choppy, inconsistent experience candidates have when being hired through an external agency.


Diversity is at the heart of what we do. We work with our clients to build diversity of thought and a multicultural, multi-ethnic workforce.

As well as long-term solutions around creating early careers strategies that improve diversity and inclusion throughout organisations and create a diverse pool of future leaders, we directly hire diverse talent.

Assessment Design

Good assessment processes are the cornerstone of a strong candidate experience, and vital for ensuring diverse hiring is effective. We build processes that make sure every candidate has a perfect experience, and the right people get the job – whatever their background.

Assessment processes need to be appropriate and aligned with the scale of the hiring. Whether it’s a small-scale interview process, case study, psychometric testing or a complex and structured set of assessment centres for large scale hiring – we’ve got it covered. All of this work exists as standard when we deliver hiring mandates.