The Early Careers Company has two service lines that can operate together, or separately, depending on requirements:

Strategy Development and Talent Delivery

Strategy Development


We psychometrically assess the top performers at our clients’ companies, helping them define the characteristics that makes someone successful in their environment, creating their individualised, unique Predictors of Success.


We define the structure, rotations and development plans of our clients’ early careers programmes


We build assessment processes based on the established Predictors of Success, ensuring that they are fit-for-purpose, effective for a diverse audience and efficient for our clients.


We help companies create compelling, true-to-life narratives around their organisations’ history, growth values, mission, strategy and value proposition. These narratives allow us to represent our clients well and successfully engage the right candidates.

Early Careers programmes in business are often over-complicated and unfit-for-purpose, and sometimes non-existent! We’re here to change that, and make early careers work for everyone involved.

Talent Delivery


Removing Sales Culture

Internally, we have no commission, cold calling or KPIs.


Delivering a ‘white glove experience’

Sophisticated project management, regular data reporting and full transparency allows us to deliver quality results, at scale.


Acting as guides and educators

We aim to teach candidates about the industry they may be entering and help them prepare for the assessment process.


Onboarding dedicated project teams

Dedicated project teams made up of Project Leads, Associates, and Analysts are onboarded for each client, allowing our teams to work collaberatively to deliver quality campaigns, fast.


Reduced Attrition

Since our team are not driven by financial incentives, we can take the time to find the right people for the right role, hiring those who will stay and succeed long-term.

Increased Diversity

We level the playing field for young people from a diverse range of backgrounds, helping our clients hire the best candidate for the job regardless of their socioeconomic background, culture, ethnicity or gender.

Future Leaders

We hire candidates whose characteristics align with those of the client company, and who believe in the company’s vision.