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Who are we?

It seems, in today’s world, that there is a stark choice between slick, commercial, profitable businesses that deliver results for clients, and not-for-profit organisations that improve the world we live in.

Is it too much to ask for both?

We are a private company, and a registered charity – with the charity funded, administered and managed by the business, but overseen by an independent board of trustees – to ensure that we can be commercially effective and deliver for our clients, but give back in a substantial and consistent way. 

The result: a sophisticated and effective organisation, delivering seamless work for clients, all the while funding and delivering initiatives via The Early Careers Foundation to address the impacts of growing socioeconomic inequality amongst young people in the UK.

Our Services

Strategy Consulting

We help organisations build the structures they need – including Graduate, Internship, Apprenticeship, Placement Year and School Leaver Programmes – to make early talent commercially effective for their business and create a world class participant experience.


Assessment Design

Good assessment processes are the cornerstone of a strong candidate experience, and vital for ensuring diverse hiring is effective. We build processes that work for potential hires and businesses, making sure every candidate has a perfect experience and the right people get the job.

Talent Delivery

  We deliver junior talent – with seamless narrative generation, representation and candidate experience – from one-off mandates to large RPO programmes, ensuring that businesses get the best early talent that the market can offer.



Diversity is at the heart of what we do. We build early careers programmes that work for a diverse range of participants; we create assessment processes that deliver effective diverse hiring, and we directly recruit candidates from diverse backgrounds, to build diversity of thought and a multicultural, multi-ethnic workforce for our clients.

Our Approach

Our Delivery Team

In most recruitment businesses, recruiters are commission-driven, financially-incentivised salespeople, paid based on how much revenue they generate, and constantly encouraged to win new clients and work. Not here. 

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This creates massive issues – mainly that their alignment is to placing people into jobs, at any cost, irrespective of whether it’s a good fit for their candidate or client. The “people first” element disappears – and if any industry needs that, it’s this one. That isn’t how we work. It’s so far from how we work, in fact, that we don’t even call ourselves recruitment – we’re a talent business. 

Our commercial activities sit with a separate team to delivery, and our people are professionals, paid way-above-average salaries, and bonuses based on client delivery, and team and company performance, not individual revenue generation.

Put simply, our employees are aligned with delivering for our clients and growing our business – not with their own pockets.



The Behaviours Matrix

We’ve worked with one of the UK’s top Psychological Profiling and Behaviour experts to create a mechanism rooted in psychological research to help us deliver better results for clients.

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Our Behaviours Matrix allows us to help our clients better understand the type of people they want to hire – what behaviours they want them to exhibit and, from that, what competencies and personality traits they want them to possess.

This system also allows us to advise on what assessment processes will best suit the target candidates, and take briefs that are perfectly aligned to expectations; meaning that we’re more likely to find the right people, first time around, avoiding the trial-and-error process that most Talent businesses go through when working with new clients.


Narrative Creation

Everyone loves a story.

We work with our clients to create narratives around their organisations’ history, growth, values, mission, strategy and value proposition.

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These narratives, combined with detailed understanding of our clients’ internal structures and cultures, mean that we are able represent our clients seamlessly, and successfully engage the right candidates.


That seamless representation means that candidates coming into our clients’ organisations have a high-quality experience and feel like they’ve moved through one, well-organised process with a consistent tone of voice and approach, rather than the choppy, inconsistent experience candidates have when being hired through an external agency.


Our Values

Values are important but, so often, mistook for behaviours. An organisation’s values should be what it stands for – a set of principles that guide decision-making – not a list of behaviours it wants its staff to exhibit.

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Quality of Delivery- because doing good work for clients is how we succeed and grow. Quality output is followed by commercial success.


Long Term Thinking- because people are a long-term investment. And people are at the centre of everything we do.


Staying Commercial- because our solutions need to make commercial sense. For our clients, and for ourselves.


Giving Back- because we all have to do our bit if we want to create a better world. Commercial success without social responsibility is hollow.

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